Qualities Of Waproo Renovating Polish And Angelus Leather Paint

Angelus leather paint

Waproo is a professional brand that is has number of technological advanced offers in form of variety of products that are suited for clothes, footwear, fibers, and many other surfaces. These not only add decorative features but also are quality protectants for garments and shoes. One such immensely popular and in-demand product of Waproo is the Waproo renovating polish which is applicable to use on different leather made footwear items. This offer, restores, and renovates shoes and boots with high shine and color improving the curb appeal of the surface; thus, impart conditioning and polishing touch to the shoes. On the other hand, Angelus leather paint is a product of Angelus brand is an acrylic- composed paint material which is strong and adhesive color that is suitable to apply on leather, vinyl, canvas, fabric, plastic, plaster, and other materials. In addition to it, it is quite applicable to apply on fabrics, garments, and footwear. It is completely safe and secure to use on shoes, as it is water-based, devoid of any chemical additive, and is non-toxic to skin and other surfaces.

Waproo renovating polish

Waproo Company has introduced polishes which are available in different qualities, textures, tones, colors, and varieties for different types of footwear. Waproo renovating polish imparts coloring, nourishing, conditioning, and protecting effect on the shoes and boots which are developed from leathers. It gives a shiny and glossy touch to the shoe surface which is mainly due to the bee wax, lanolin, and other waxes.

Waproo renovating polish is manufactured from synthetic material that are complimenting with the color requirements and compatible with leather shoes. Thus, by the use of such polishes, footwear can be renovated with fashionable colors that can bring the glory of dull appearing shoes. A soft brush and microfiber cloth are used as an aid in applying shoe polish.

Angelus leather paint

Angelus brand has marketed leather paints which are used to color and apply on garments, shoes, jackets, mesh, plastic, canvas, etc. The best in-demand quality of Angelus leather paint is that the pain is available in customized colors. This paint is easy to clean, improve shoe surface integrity, is waterproof, acrylic made, and is safe to damage, prepped, and cracks on the surfaces paint is to be done.

Angelus leather paint is the quality acrylic paint that can be used on custom sneakers, shoes, boots, and other footwear. This not only color shoes but is effective in shoe renovation, restoration, and care. Any old pair of shoes can bring back to life and colors by painting it with Angelus paint. This one is top quality and highly affordable in purchase.


Waproo renovating polish is a technically approved polish material which is quite amazing and safe to apply on leather shoes for improving color and protection value. Angelus leather paint i used to paint surfaces like garments, footwear, canvas, mesh, plastic, other customized materials, etc.