Causes, Treatment And Prevention Of Hair Loss

A human generally has around a lac follicles. Almost a hundred hair are lost in a day of an average adult. The lost hair takes about 6 weeks to grow back. The changes in our body after we cross 40 causes the hair to fall more often or not grow at all resulting in hair loss. But this is not necessary that hair loss only occurs in adults, in fact hair loss can be observed in young people. There can be a lot of reasons for hair loss in yarraville, here are some of the main reasons and their solution that cause hair loss.

The Causes and their remedies for hair loss:

  1. Aging:

Aging is a process through which all human had to go, it is a process in which there are a lot of chemical and hormonal changes occurring within the body. Aging cannot be avoided but if we take healthy diet we can slow down the process of aging. The process of aging can be slower down by consuming carbohydrates, green vegetables etc. 

  1. b) Mineral deficiency:

Mineral deficiency causes many health issues in a human body. It is necessary that a human must have balanced minerals so that their body can work properly as well as it stay fresh and healthy for a longer period. Minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium are mainly required to have good hair growth. When we have deficiency of minerals in our body it effects healthy blood flow resulting in hair loss. Hair loss treatments can help you improve your mineral deficiency by providing you the required quantity of deficient mineral.

  1. c) Oxygen deficiency:

People do not take it serious but oxygen deficiency can cause hair loss. Many renowned hair loss clinics prefer to treat their clients by fulfilling the deficiencies in their body like oxygen, minerals and vitamins. Deficiency of oxygen in the blood can cause the weakening of hair follicles.

  1. d) Side effects of medicines:

In the present age, we are habitual of taking lots of medicines. Though medicines help us improve our health issues, but as they are artificial mean, they also have some side effects. There are some medicines which cause hair loss when a person is taking them, but their effect lessens when the medication is stopped.

  1. e) Hair loss due to genetics:

In some cases, when people go for hair loss treatment, they get surprised to know that their hair loss is hereditary. There are many families in which hair loss is passed from generations to generations. It cannot be avoided but can be controlled with proper hair loss treatment and good diet.

Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment:

Intake of proper diet or supplements can help reduce hair loss without visiting any hair loss clinic in melbourne or getting expensive hair loss treatments. If a person start taking balanced iron, zinc, vitamin B, copper, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, yogurt and soy can reduce hair loss or have regrowth of lost hair.