What Is Your Coffee Cup Made Of?

When it comes to coffee cups, have you ever wondered how we add to the environmental waste accumulation every time we ask for a takeaway cup? Often it is a necessity when you are taking a cup for work and need to drink it on the way. While takeaway or disposable cups might not be avoidable, coffee makers and shop owners are reverting to use of products that are degradable and non toxic to the environment.

Styrofoam cups

Takeaway coffee cups are usually Styrofoam cups. These are more specifically, made of polystyrene foam or a food category plastic. It is a product that has become popular for marketing food products such as take out containers, egg cartons, plates and cups as well. While its use as a packaging material for food products has been popular, it is increasingly being replaced by paper as in facial tissues that is more eco friendly and does not add to toxic waste products for the environment.

Support the right products

If you are concerned about the right materials that should be used for disposable products like disposable hand towels, let your voice be heard. For instance, there are many forums where such issues are discussed. You could also encourage businesses that invest in the right kind of disposable items. Try and like their cause and share their workings with others. As social media popularity is important for most businesses and what their customers have to say, supporting the right steps taken up local businesses will help grow awareness and get others to follow the same practices. This becomes more of a requirement in places where strict regulatory laws do not make it mandatory for the use of eco friendly products to be used by businesses.

Other alternatives to try out

In order to reduce waste and your part in it, try and use alternative means than disposable items. If you stop for a cup of coffee to carry to work every day, consider using a reusable coffee mug. Nowadays flasks or containers make attractive choices that are eco friendly as well. If you are sitting down for a cup of coffee you should ask to be served in a ceramic or glass cup which can be washed and reused. These are some practices that everyone should become aware of. Even if such habits seem small in making a difference, such awareness on a larger scale can help to bring down the need for disposable items and help reduce the burden of toxic or landfill wastes that are generated in society.