Electrical Safety Rules For Everyone Working In An Office

Working in an office means being exposed to heavy currents as in an office there are multiple electronic devices that are always in use around you. As office employees we must ensure not only own safety but the safety of other people who are around you and visit you as well. If you do not take caution and take electrical safety seriously, in case of emergencies you would regret not doing so. You never know when something might happen as accidents happen at the most random times, so you must do everything you can to make sure that in case of accidents you and everyone else is safe. Here is how to reduce the risk of such accidents.

Outlets – If you feel like an electric outlet is too loose, is leaking electricity or anything like that you must contact a electrical contractors in Melbourne immediately. There might be electric leakages that might harm everyone in the place, so taking quick action is important. You must also remember to check all electric outlets regularly for any problems that might be visible, and if you do not know how to check your office for such issues contact an electrician again and they will inspect the entire place for you. Such inspections will result in the safety of everyone in the office.

Extension cords – The use of extension cords in an office is very common. When air conditioning installations are done or when other devices like mobile phone chargers, printers and computers are used they are all going to be connected to mostly one extension cord. This might result in a huge problem and is considered to be very dangerous to do so. When you continuously use extension cords in an office keep in mind that the office insulation will deteriorate over time. Another important fact you must remember is that when you use extension cords, always remember to purchase ones that are very good and are certified. If not, using cheap and dangerous extension cords will be a big fire hazard in an office.

Power cords and strips –

These are obviously similar to extension cords but unlike extension cords they can be used over a long period of time when it is done correctly. When you use power cords in an office, make sure you do not overload the cord with multiple devices as an overload can be very dangerous. Always check for cracks or tears in such cords because that is when electric leakages occur. Also refrain from coiling these cords because that will end up damaging cords and creating fire hazards again.