Different Types Of Wedding Cars

Weddings and other happy occasions are celebrated with a lot of pomp and fare across the world. Weddings in particular, have a lot of work that go into it to make sure that it is the single, happiest day of any couple’s life. A wedding is carefully planned to ensure that everything fits to the theme and looks beautiful.

A major part of weddings is the transportation. Even the wedding car should be a part of the theme to complete the look and add its own bit of magic to it. Every bride and groom wants to arrive to their big day in a fashionable and stylish way. Thanks to this, limo wine tours Melbourne has become a profitable business across the world. Just like every other aspect in the wedding, hiring a wedding car has to be done meticulously. Thankfully, there are a number of options that can fulfill your every wish, such as:

  • Vintage cars

These are the cars every little girl’s dream is made of to perfect her idea of her wedding day. Arriving to your wedding in a rich, white Vintage adds oodles of class and sophistication. It projects the right amount of affluence and adds that fairytale charm to your wedding.

Vintage wedding car hire is usually a good route to take as they fit into a lot of themes and categories. With different cars to cater, the couple can choose on that suit their idea of luxury as well as their budget. A Rolls Royce or an Aston Martin is really popular choices for vintage cars.

  • Classic Cars

These are the cars that never go out of style. They can fit into almost every style and still steal the show. They transport you back to an era of sophistication and beauty and almost always have their own personal chauffeur. Classic cars, especially the limos and the Bentleys scream wealth and class and are really popular for weddings.

  • Modern Cars

Modern cars are becoming very popular these days. People don’t just want to look classy but they want to be in with the times. The modern cars such as Mercedes and Ferrari add a whole lot of oomph factor to a wedding and the groom especially loves the attention it receives. Modern day sports cars take the wedding to a new and awesome level and the guests will love it as much as the happy couple.

So if you are looking to hire a car, keep these following things in mind.  The type of car you will choose will make a very big change in the decor of your wedding. Choose the one that will really tie the wedding together and make your happy day perfect.