Common Problems With Locks

One thing that we can surely not avoid is the door locks. They make the part and parcel of our lives ensuring safety, security and peace of mind. Whether it is the domestic premises or the commercial set up it is not possible to think of a place not installed with proper locks. Once you have got the perfect locking system the things can be really different. In the presence of the secure locking system there is nothing to worry about even when you are away. The health of the lock is equally important when we talk of the complete security. In case there is some problem with the locks it must be addressed immediately before the things go out of hand. Just remember that the lock is machine too and can face problems due to malfunctioning or so. The most common problems reported in case of the locks are as follows: 

  1. The key related problems are the most common ones. What can be really bothering is when you break a key inside the lock while opening it in hurry or using it with great pressure. Usually doing the things calmly can be really helpful. Once the key is broken make sure that it is removed immediately and the lock is either repaired or it is replaced.
  2. Sometimes the key does not go well inside the lock. It can be because of multiple reasons. If you are trying hard to insert the key then first of all check if you are using the right key. Usually it is because of this very simple reason that the key won’t go in. the cuts of the key can go blunt too or the same can happen inside the lock too with the fitting of the key. Just check with all possible reasons of not fitting the key but try resolving the problem as soon as possible.
  3. With the passage of time the locks slow down. With continuous usage of the lock the dirt starts accumulating. The lubricant covering the surface of the lock from inside stops working and so the lock stops working properly too. The slower locks can be repaired by adding a new layer of the lubricants to the locks. 
  4. The locks get seized and it is revealed when the key you put inside the lock refuses to turn. If you are finding it hard for the key to move inside the lock then it is suggested that don’t force the key inside too hard but rather wait or call a locksmith Adelaide to assist you in opening the seized locks. Forcing the key might cause the lock to break from the inside. 
  5. Another commonly reported problem in the lock and key system is latching that happens once the alignment of the latch bolt and the strike plate are disturbed. Sometimes the problem can be addressed easily while at times it can become really complex and complicated.