Advantages Of Internal Recruitment

Recruitment can be a hassling process. You need to identify the vacancy, draft a job description, spread the word out, conduct interviews and other tests and then select the best candidate. The candidates can be selected internally or externally. Each has its own pros and cons so here are some of the pros of internal recruitment.

  • It’s quickerSelecting an existing employee makes it easier for him to adapt to the new work since he is already familiar with the company culture, values, norms etc. You might already have someone in mind that fits the position. Hence, you don’t need to spend all that valuable time on advertising, going through innumerable amount of CVs and shortlisting people. You can directly talk to them. Also, you’ve known the person for some time and hence you know his performance and skills. This will enable you to shortlist the people easily.
  • It’s cheaperHence the hiring process gets faster and time is money, it will cost much lesser. You don’t have to advertise in newspapers or with labour hire companies Melbourne which are usually expensive than simple internal advertising methods such as notice boards, memos etc. Moreover, internal recruits are highly unlikely to argue on the salary offered since they do not need conflicts with their employer. They would take up the job with less complains.
  • Less riskyYou actually know the people who have applied for the job and hence you don’t need to carry out the preliminary tests such as background checks, qualification verifications, criminal tests etc. These have already been done when he was first hired. An external recruit’s profile cannot be trusted as such and hence all these verifications and tests are required. The current managers also can vouch for them, giving truthful feedback on their performance unlike references provided by the external recruit himself. People and labour recruitment agencies can lie on their CV and be on their best behaviour at the interview. A proper decision cannot be made hence. You can view more here 
  • Boost employee engagementWhen the news spreads that a new spot has opened up, your employees will work their best during that time so that their managers would recommend them or give a good feedback when they apply. Also, your employees will be happy and satisfied that you provide them with opportunities to grow, rather than taking in an external recruit while keeping the existing workers at the same positions. This will cause them to move on to your rival companies, which will also result in new recruitment costs.