Choosing the Right Flooring Materials

If you never had to pick out your own flooring then it can be something that’s easy to take for granted. If you haven’t thought about it then you need to start because flooring can make or break a room. Whether you want wood, linoleum or carpet you can do a lot to change the way a room looks and feels when picking out what will be on the floor.

For a traditional look many people go with oak for their floor. It’s a trustworthy choice that comes in a range of colors and widths. There is thin and wide oak flooring based on the width of the planks that are laid down, so you can create a look that fits the room you want. Because oaks are some of the most common trees on the planet oak is a good financial choice if you want a hardwood floor. If you are looking for a great option for kitchens and bathrooms you need to think about linoleum. There was a time when this material was all the rage and then it slipped out of favor for a few years. It’s true that in the past people tended to choose bright linoleum tiles you can find plenty of options for oak floorboards that are colorfuland yet tastefully subdued.

Another option for those looking for the feel of traditional wood with a unique twist is bamboo. When used in construction it’s known for its hardness but you should know that this factor varies. You can actually generally tell how hard bamboo is based on the color, because bamboo is darkened in a process that softens the material while changing the color. So know that if you want a dark but hard floor you may want to consider a different material but for most purposes even the darkest bamboo is fine for the average room. One reason that people are giving bamboo flooring a chance is that it’s easy to grow, making it a great choice for people who want to go green.

Smooth surfaces are probably the way to go if you are looking to create a floor for a bathroom or a kitchen but if you want to create a cozy living space you should consider a nice carpet. If you like walking around your house in your bare feet it’s nice to have something soft underneath them, and with some carpets you can even lay down and go to sleep on the floor in total comfort. The main issue people have with carpeting is that it can be harder to clean since dirt sinks deep in and liquids can stain. Still if you are careful it can be worth the risk for the extra comfort.

These choices are just the beginning but hopefully they give you some idea of how important flooring is. Whatever you pick you should try and choose your flooring material early on so you know how to craft the room with cheap bamboo flooring. Go out there and look for yourself at the options and imagine how your new or existing room would look with an oak, linoleum, bamboo or carpeted floor.